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Women and Substance Abuse:

Available Resources

Although the numbers of women who are substance abusers are causing great concern among the medical and wellness communities, treatment services exist that have been effective in helping women cope with this situation, according to Patricia Pape, president of Pape & Associates.

Pape recommends the following services, in which wellness providers can play an important role:

- Counseling and psychotherapy.

- Assessments and evaluations.

- Support groups for women dealing with substance abuse and support groups for relatives and friends.

- Sobriety groups.

- Relationship workshops.

- Stress management workshops.

- Career counseling.

- Communication programs.

"Reaching out into the community to provide education and promote health and wellness is one of the most effective ways of providing help to women caught in the cycle of substance abuse," Pape says.

Address: Pape & Associates, 618 S. West St., Wheaton, IL 60187; (630) 668-8710.

Source: Employee Assistance Management Letter

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